May 24th 2020 by Bernard Molek

With just these two Bible verses alone: John 13:34-35 we should not only be able to tell who the followers of Jesus the Christ are today but where we all need to be in our christian faith.

A "spiritual" christian report card if you will?

Inspired by a recent visit to Ohio to see our precious Grandchildren and our oldest daughter and her husband (great parents doing a great job raising their three children), I thought I would share the longer version of the short "front porch" one, Peggy & I shared with the children while there.

This message is short and simple but easily forgotten or sideswiped by our common ordinary daily lives, full of stress and hassles of dealing with any/all relationships. From family to siblings to co-workers and neighbors, it would do us good to refresh our focis as believers and followers of Jesus by examining, thee, KEY INGREDIANT found in true christianity.

L O V E !

Sounds simple and most of us don't really take this to heart daily or run it over our relationships, big and small to see if we are indeed walking in Love and treating others the way WE would want to be treated.

For some of us, we're fine in checking the love box as far as our closest friends and family but struggle with spreading this characteristic in a broader sense when dealing with those outside our circle of friends and neighbors.

...sadly, SOME OF US are practically just the opposite in that we have no problem showing kindness and appreciation towards those outside our family, yet seem to struggle most with family.

Whichever the case may be we all need reminded that showing "Love For Others" is not an option but a commandment. Our creator Himself and the source of our Faith, Jesus "REQUIRES" it in and from us. Matthew 22:39-40

We can hardly expect to LOVE one another daily, effectually for a prolonged period of time if we are allowing or requiring "CONDITIONS" to be present in determining whether or not we love someone. 1 Corinthians 13:5

Is your love for someone conditional? Is it based on their love towards you?

Our lives BOTH as witnesses to the lost and ministers to the believers cannot expect to net sound Christian values without some semblance of "unconditional" love in our relationships (read 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 ).

Finally, I think we all have read or heard, what good is your love if you are only able to love those that love you? Even the unbelievers can do this. Matthew 5:46-47 We are called to "Love The Unlovable" as well as even to love our enemies. Matthew 5:44

So, let's try to practice and walk in these sound christian principles of love that Jesus Himself authored and see if our hearts and minds don't become filled with even more of the love and peace that our Lord fills His believers with when they that love Him, walk in his love.

It is our prayer that you were blessed by the Holy Spirit to have received insightful and edifying knowledge from the above message and scripture passages and that you will go on building your faith to overcome all things that you may face in this life, using Prayer and sound teachings, until the return of the Lord.

Thank You Jesus!

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