What must we do to be saved? That is the question that not only crosses most if not all of our minds at some time in our lives but that the Bible (The Lord Himself) clearly answers definitively here: Romans 10:9-10

Jesus told Nicodemus that He had to be "Born-Again" to SEE the kingdom of Heaven John 3:3 but this could have also been revealed as a way to understanding what one must do to be able to receive this FREE gift.

Because contrary to the most popular belief the world ( and some religions ) believe is that your salvation and eternal destination is by the Grace of God and Faith alone that we are saved and NOT by anything we can or cannot do while on this earth. Ephesians 2:8

We are constantly being led (consciously or unconsciously) to believe in some type of "Perfomance-Based" path or grading system that God will use to determine where we're going to spend eternity.

Biblically, NOTHING could be further from the truth. The Bible is very clear, that NO ONE is righteous enough to get into eternity simply by living right. Romans 3:23 He does have one qualification that WILL determine our final destination, however and that is whether or not we TRUSTED Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Romans 5:19

This is hard for people to grasp because of the way our everyday lives are lived out. We punish the bad and reward the good. Thank God He does not use our lives and/or a sin count to determine His love and mercy for our lives. Since we were all born in sin and separated from God, He decided to rescue us from an eternity without Him by sending Jesus here as a man to suffer and die for us Romans 5:19, taking away from us all the sin nature and sign debt we were all born with. Psalms 51:5 That whomever would simply trust in the finished work He did on the cross, will be saved! John 3:16

Also, it should be obvious that God would not have needed to come down here to earth as a man, born of a virgin to suffer and die for our sins and then rise again, if works or good deeds alone could have accomplished this. There was no other way. Matthew 26:39 - Romans 6:23 - John 14:6

He came because He knew as early as the garden of eden when Adam and Eve sinned that it would take the shedding of blood of someone righteous and who knew no sin, to wipe away our sins and redeem us, through His righteousness to spend eternity with Him. Hebrews 9:22 - John 1:29

But can anyone ever really be 100% sure of salvation here on earth before we die?

Yes! John 17:2-3 - John 11:25

So then, how can YOU be sure? How do YOU know, that YOUR saved or not? ...well, I have found a pretty clear salvation test tool in my Pastor's most common altar call passage for salvation, can more than help anyone determine what their current status on the way to eternity is right now:

If Your Heart Stop Beating Today, Where Would Your Soul Spend Eternity? Would You Go To be With The Lord, or Would You Bust Hell Wide Open...OR, Don't You Know?

...not knowing is a good sign that your not "SAVED" and in need of a savior.

The simple truth of it all is that we must first come to the realization that we are indeed LOST and in need of a savior. If we feel that there is no eternity or that we have not done anything bad enough to deserve a hell or life without God in it, then there is no need to search for eternal life confirmation. However, that would be grave mistake (pun intended) to be sure.

But if your honest with yourself and not sure if your name is written in the Lambs book of life and want to "BE SURE" and know, that you can have the "Blessed Assurance" many speak of knowing, where they will spend eternity...

...my friend, just like Bill (see video) it is all in just YOU trusting in Jesus for it.

I realize it can all sound too good to be true and some claim that it is but, for millions of souls, saved by Grace and sealed by the Holy Spirit to an everlasting life with Jesus it can be, as simle as becoming "Born-Again" by acknowledging the scriptural invitation to put all your trust in Him.

Like the prayer below...

Simple Salvation Prayer

Father, I know that without you I'm lost and on my way to Hell. But I don't want to die and go to Hell. Come into my life now and save me as I am. With all my faults and all my hangups and forgive me of all my sins and show me what you want me to be and I'll repent and live the rest of my life for you. In Jesus Name, Amen!

...if you read an agreed to the above prayer and meant it in your heart, then your "Born Again" and "SAVED" and your life here and in eternity to come is set with Jesus! It's why He came...for you!

...furthermore the bible tells us that ALL of the angels of Heaven (in and around God's Throne) rejoice at the "repentance" of one sinner. So, know that your decision has sparked a party there on your behalf.


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